The Gizmotchy® high performance horizontal and vertical beam antenna traces its roots
back to the early dawn of CB history. This unique antenna was originally sold by the Utica
Radio Corporation in the early 60’s. In the middle 60’s Charles Radio Company assumed
ownership of the antenna. The Gizmotchy® antenna still retains the look of the original
Gizmotchy®, but has been improved with new designs, higher quality workmanship and state
of the art materials.

R.L. “Bud” Charles founded Charles Radio Company in the 1960’s in Mt. Carroll, IL. Bud and
his wife, Jane, began distributing CB radios, antennas, accessories, and manufacturing the
Gizmotchy® antenna. In the late 60’s his son, Tom, completed a tool and die apprenticeship
and assumed the production of the Gizmotchy® antenna for his father. Tom produced the
Gizmotchy® antenna under the company name Charles Electronics and produced all of the
Gizmotchy® products that his father sold. Charles Electronics started out in a small garage. In
1976 Tom purchased a 4400 square foot building and moved production of the Gizmotchy®
products to the new location. Production continues in this facility to the present date.

Upon the death of “Bud” Charles in January of 2000 the ownership of the antennas has been
passed down to Tom and Nola Charles, who produce the Gizmotchy® antenna at their facility
in Mt. Carroll, IL. They have been producing antennas, antenna parts, and coaxial switches
since 1968. The radio portion of the Charles Radio Company was sold to Ken’s Electronics,
Kalamazoo, MI in May 2000.

Bud and Jane Charles

Charles Electronics sponsors a Pro Mod Harley Drag Racing Team that races throughout the
Midwest and in many southern states. Tom Charles pilots the drag bike and the crew chief is
his wife, Nola Charles. They race in the American Motorcycle Racing Association and
encourage everyone to come and watch them race. They are usually quite busy while racing,
but would be glad to meet any of their customers or people who visit this web site. Please
make yourself known. You can find them at the races by looking for the
on both sides of their trailer. If they have a race in your area, please E-mail them to confirm
that they will be at the race. Sometimes things break on drag racing motorcycles and they
have to miss a race.