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Circular Polarization Harness
For users who want to achieve circular polarization on their dual polarity
beams. The hand-soldered Circular Polarization Harness allows you to run
your vertical and horizontal gammas at the same time.
Perfect for all Gizmotchy beams, Maco Dual Polarity Beams,  
Moonrakers, PDLII,and more.

Includes 2 lengths of 75 ohm RG11 coax, 1 length of 50 ohm RG8 coax, high
quality PL259 connectors, barrel connector, T connector, and silicone
self-adhering tape. All PL259 connectors are hand-soldered.

Contact your favorite Gizmotchy Reseller for pricing information.
Part Number: CPH-1

We spent the last three years designing, testing, and re-testing this
line of antennas to make them absolutely the best they can be. We
are really excited about this product and know your customers will
be too.  All advertised gains and claims on this antenna is backed up
by our antenna modeling software.

The BL8 is an eight-element antenna mounted on a 29’ long boom
made out of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum tubing. The boom has a two
inch outside diameter and all elements will be larger diameter than
the original Gizmotchy® elements. The Big League Series antennas
feature a  heavy duty 1/2” thick  x 3” OD machined aluminum hubs
that fit on the 2” boom.   The assembly instructions include both 10
and 11 meter measurements to accommodate both our valued CB
and Amateur customers.

As with all other Gizmotchy® antennas, the Big League Series will be
made at our Illinois factory with American-made components.

The gammas options available for the Big League Series antennas
will be 2000, 5000, 10000, 20000, and 30000 watt gammas.